Review: Kenneth R. Johnston on The Letters of William Godwin

Kenneth R. Johnston is the author of, most recently, the acclaimed monograph, Unusual Suspects: Pitt’s Reign of Alarm and the Lost Generation of the 1790s (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013). His review-essay on The Letters of William Godwin: Volume II, ed. Pamela Clemit (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014) has just been published in Review 19.

HI-Bod. MS Abinger c. 6 fol. 24vIf the first volume of Pamela Clemit’s magisterial edition of the letters of William Godwin reads like a Jacobin novel, this second volume, produced to the same high standard, reads inevitably like an anti-Jacobin one…. Godwin’s Letters constitute a meta-novel wherein the evil is Godwinism itself – the thoughts not the actions – and the tragedy is both personal and national.

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